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    Enhancing the world of payments

    Managing and developing Israel's payments arena

    The most safe, stable, and advanced payment arena in Israel

    Our innovative technological platform analyzes enormous , enormous quantities of financial and payment data at every given moment, , using groundbreaking information security solutions..

    Payment Infrastructure


    Get cash anytime, anywhere

    Our system links ATMs and enables customers of all banks to withdraw cash using any card, regardless of the location of the ATM or the customer’s bank.


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    Payment cards

    Israel’s financial intersection

    Credit transactions in Israel are channeled via national infrastructure managed by SHVA, linking points of sale (POS), ASHRAIT software, clearing interfaces, acquirers, and issuers.

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    We’re here for you, every step of the way

    As your partners, we are committed to providing you with the most sophisticated and reliable systems available to keep you up to date, minimize risks, and provide the best and safest services for your customers.

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    Faster, more advanced payment and information services

    We develop dynamic, sophisticated systems that are tailored specifically for your changing needs, designed to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market.


    The credit card clearing system developed by SHVA, complies with global EMV standards for smart payment cards.

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    Standing orders

    The advanced, simple, and most convenient solution for businesses that conduct many standing order transactions on a regular basis ¬– from credit cards and digital wallets, straight to a mobile phone.

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    Enhanced 3DS-compliant security and validation measures to protect online credit card transactions, to ensure especially safe transactions.

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    Shva TOP

    Transforming a smartphone into a tap-on-phone payment terminal, and enabling businesses to accept contactless payments from credit cards and digital wallets directly from their mobile phones.

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    Shva CLP

    Close-loop payment (CLP) technology is an exclusive SHVA product that allows users to accept diverse forms of payment, including food cards, gift vouchers, fuel vouchers, loyalty club cards, and more.

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    Shva Insights

    The Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) system presents aggregated financial data about the entire market or about a specific business, facilitating optimal decision-making in real time and an excellent user experience.

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    Empowering you

    Connecting you to the future

    In the world of digital payments and online transactions, only one company offers you the strongest, safest, and most advanced technological infrastructure in Israel, alongside advanced solutions for growing your business.

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    Breaking News


    Good news for small business owners: Smartphones become payment terminals

    SHVA is integrating new technology in national credit card payment systems…

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    The scope of use of digital wallets reached a peak in May – NIS 3.2 billion

    This is a jump of almost three times within a year, and this is two years after the introduction of…

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    At Shva, a toast was raised in honor of the website going live!

    Shva as a critical national infrastructure believes in essential projects in the world of payments in Israel. Excited by the…

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