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    SHVA Insights

    Data as a service

    Summary data for financial, business, and research decisions.

    As a major junction for all transactions conducted in Israel each day, SHVA stores extensive aggregative information on the entire local credit market, segmented based on sectors and geographic regions. SHVA helps financial, insurance, public, municipal, and other entities in diverse sectors to incorporate this exclusive, valuable information as a significant factor in their decision-making processes, using our unique SHVA Insights DaaS program.

    Accessible information

    Information is made accessible to customers using the most advanced technological solutions, presented on a web-configured dashboard system that supports API connections to the customer's systems.

    Near real time

    SHVA Insights presents diverse aggregative information in near real time.

    Improving decision-making

    Customized aggregative information for specific businesses, divided into calculated fields and important markers, to present customers with a clear picture of their revenue and improve their decision-making processes.

    Location selection

    Aggregative information for specific locations, mapping out competitors in the area and identifying the locations with the best business potential from the geographic perspective.

    Choose SHVA Finance Products

    Proven experience

    SHVA has proven capabilities that enable all businesses and payment providers to enjoy a well-managed, certified solution from an experienced company that is a leader in the payments arena.

    Maximum security

    SHVA incorporates the most advanced information security solutions available, in order to protect your sensitive personal and corporate information.

    International standards

    SHVA complies with international standards and with the requirements for international certification such as ISO 2022, PCI, EMV, and more.


    SHVA has developed a reliable system designed to process large numbers of transactions in parallel, with a survivability rate of 99.999%.

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