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    Deductions and Adjustments

    Information and accounting services

    Join us to receive reports and data that are customized for your needs, and for assistance with operating your business activity with the businesses you work with.

    Credit adjustments

    This is a system that communicates with the confirmation companies to provide adjustment services and credit card monitoring services for businesses. SHVA offers an efficient, comprehensive, and crucial solution for adjustments, processing, and improving finance management at businesses. The system enables the company to make adjustment for credit cards issues by all credit companies. The transaction files are securely transferred daily from SHVA to the companies via safe systems.

    Deduction companies

    Credit card discount services allow the service provider to represent the business in its interactions with the credit company, and at the same time, to immediately transfer the entire value of the purchase to the business, after deducting fees and interest as agreed in advance. The service protects business’s cash flow by providing advance payment via the deduction company. The files are securely transferred daily via the safe system.

    Customer Service Center


    Sunday- Thursday


    Fridays and Holiday eves


    Passover holiday


    Our customer service center provides services for over 150,000 businesses in Israel and supports businesses that are connected to the SHVA ASHRAIT system. We take calls related to transactions, activity in the system, general questions, and more.

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